Is love real?

Yikes. It’s coming up to that time of the year. Love it for the idea at the heart of it (ba..doom..tish!) or hate it for the pervasive commercial madness surrounding it, it’s on its way and it’s not planning on being coy about it.

Fake news is bad for your health

Ill informed patients make poor health decisions

Secrets of pharma advertising

If the goal of branding is to be different, why do so many pharma brand ads look the same?

Patients as Partners: The Future of Clinical Trial Design?

The latest jargon to appear in almost all clinical trials communications is “patient-centric” – but what does it actually mean and how do we achieve it?

Snowflake advertising in a burnt-out world

How do you appeal to people who are too tired to care?

Why eating people is wrong (and other medical discoveries)

The medical role of rollercoasters, cannibalism, stamp collecting and spit & polish were all celebrated in the 2018 Ig Nobel Awards

Lifting the taboo on poo

It's time to lift the lid on the toilet, and put poo front of mind

Who is attending this meeting?

When you give a presentation, is your audience focusing on you, your slides, or their smartphones?

Four little words: A lover's guide to GDPR

GDPR is an opportunity for marketers to rekindle flagging relationships... and for consumers to give unsolicited contacts the big E.

IT in the NHS: Space age ambitions, stone age tools

The NHS may be lying in the gutter, but its eyes on the stars

There’s a rat in my kitchen. What am I going to do?

When we think there's a rat in our kitchen...problems can ensue.

Telling Tales in Pharma Advertising

People respond to storytelling, especially when you keep it real

Barber shops provide a short cut to BP reduction

As well as a haircut, barbers can shave millimetres off men's blood pressure

To track disease, follow the money

Using paper currency to track infections sounds like a clever idea. But we think the smart money is on your phone.

Heroes Wanted for high risk ad venture

Will 2018 be the year of taking risks?

Family values

How do you build a relationship that lasts?