Barber shops provide a short cut to BP reduction

As well as a haircut, barbers can shave millimetres off men's blood pressure

To track disease, follow the money

Using paper currency to track infections sounds like a clever idea. But we think the smart money is on your phone.

Heroes Wanted for high risk ad venture

Will 2018 be the year of taking risks?

Family values

How do you build a relationship that lasts?

Welcome to the Bog-roll Snowball Challenge!

Help us start a snowball that will help to save children's lives

Social Media and Health: The Cure or the Disease?

Social media is in crisis. So is now the right time for the pharma industry to join the conversation?

Tis the season to be judgmental

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.. Yes, it’s that time of year again when adverts from well-known department stores make the news. Countless news articles are given over to which of this year’s creative offerings made the best Christmas ad.

Segmenting not stereotyping

In a world that frowns on stereotypes as being discriminatory, how can marketers segment successfully and meaningfully?

Irresistible Logic

The rise in bacterial resistance means that antibiotic armageddon is almost upon us, warns the Chief Medical Officer. How can we convince people to do what's best for them?

An earful of sunshine

From darkest Finland, a tech innovation to light up your life

Careers Advice for the Apocalypse

Has mankind outsmarted its age-old enemies? A new book argues that it has.

A Prick in a Box for Optimal Health

Can a finger prick or urine sample at home help patients keep on top of their health?

Indians scalp cowboys in patent war

An unlikely treaty between global pharma and native Americans

Hunt vs Hawking: We'll call it a draw

The recent spat between Jeremy Hunt and Stephen Hawking proves that you should choose your battles carefully

Empathology: The science of being someone else

To truly understand another person, it isn't enough to stand in their shoes. You also have to feel their blisters.

"Legal highs" ruling leaves illegal labs laughing

In a test case yesterday, a judge said yes to N2O