A Prick in a Box for Optimal Health

Can a finger prick or urine sample at home help patients keep on top of their health?

Indians scalp cowboys in patent war

An unlikely treaty between global pharma and native Americans

Hunt vs Hawking: We'll call it a draw

The recent spat between Jeremy Hunt and Stephen Hawking proves that you should choose your battles carefully

Empathology: The science of being someone else

To truly understand another person, it isn't enough to stand in their shoes. You also have to feel their blisters.

"Legal highs" ruling leaves illegal labs laughing

In a test case yesterday, a judge said yes to N2O

How to be a patient

To get the best out of your GP, you must learn to be a better patient

Life at the end of the Brexit tunnel

The new Life Sciences Industrial Strategy could be a lifeline for the NHS

A man walks into a surgery: The role of storytelling in pharma marketing

Communicating through stories can make your brand messages more meaningful, memorable and persuasive

Could tech save the NHS?

The recent cyber attack on the NHS showed the danger of not investing in technology. But the right kind of technology could save it.

The Elixir of Life?

Are we on the verge of immortality? Probably not, but here's to dreaming...

Bog-roll origami: adding value in an undifferentiated market

When you are competing with similar products, you need to find a point of difference that is valued by your customers

Pepsi is Not The Real Thing

Why do advertisers get it so wrong when they are trying to be authentic?

Drive Forward positive change

Our copywriter at Life has partnered up with Drive Forward, a charity working with young people coming out of care, to run a mindfulness-based stress reduction course and encourage positive change for good.

A Euro Vision of Health

How does the NHS compare to other European healthcare systems? And how can we make it better?

Two Thousand and Vegan-Teen?

Could you live without as much meat or fish in your diet? Our New Year's blog discusses why that might be the best resolution you could make this year.

A New Year Wish

2016 has been an annus horribilis for many people. Where did it all go wrong? And how do we start to put things right?