A New Year Wish

2016 has been an annus horribilis for many people. Where did it all go wrong? And how do we start to put things right?

Under the radar

What does it take to create a powerful global brand?

Musings of a Christmas Ad-dict

We take a look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of this year's lineup of Christmas ads.

Dr Babylon will see you now

The average GP appointment lasts just 10 minutes - but for time-poor patients a 'quick and dirty' consultation may be precisely what they want.

A new world view

Globalisation has been with us for centuries, but the balance of power is shifting

War on Drugs

New evidence suggests that Hitler was a junkie and many of his troops were on speed

Can America Trump ObamaCare?

With the ever so slightly terrifying US presidential elections looming, many Americans will be trying to weigh up their chances of having decent and affordable healthcare under either candidate.

Breaking up is hard to do

Life has obtained a sneak preview of Theresa May's draft letter to the EU triggering Article 50. (We can't vouch for its authenticity.)

The Imitation Game

Are biosimilars a threat to original research, or a spur to innovation?

Alcohol and the F factor

if brandy makes you randy and whisky makes you frisky, how do they affect your chance of conceiving?

Blowing in the wind

Bagpipe Lung is the latest occupational disease, and the fault lies with fungi

Drug Dealing Pharmacists

Who should supply drugs: pharmacists or dealers?

No Pain, No Games

The mark of a champion is a willingness to embrace pain

Nuff Said

What are words worth? A penny a line if you're a hack writer. $1m a line if you're an action hero.

What’s in a finger?

Fingers are part of our everyday vocabulary and pretty central to my job as a writer but can a man’s finger length really predict how polite or promiscuous he will be or even reveal his penis size?

Pitch Invasion

International collaboration gives you the best of both worlds