Out of Office: The New Normal for Ad Agencies

Covid has made working from home mandatory for most agencies. But what if we make permanent the changes forced by the pandemic?

How does nature influence wellbeing and refocus the mind?

Time is the 21st century’s most precious commodity – we all live in a world where rushing around seems more normal than having a relaxing coffee break.

Creativity and anxiety, is there a link?

Many creative people have often found themselves over-thinking, over-analysing, or catastrophising. But why is this?

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

We’re entering the fourth week of lockdown, having gone through 4 stages of coping with covid19: first disbelief, then humour, then creative ways to deal with isolation, and finally the tragic realisation that our world will never be the same again

Life is hiring!

Write your own future at Life.

Curb your enthusiasm (if you want to impress)

How do you build trust in pharmaceutical marketing? Through what you say, not by how loud you shout.

What are you doing, Dave?

Artificial Intelligence is invading all areas of healthcare. Is it our saviour or our nemesis?

Time's up for moderate drinkers

A study in The Lancet has killed the myth that moderate alcohol consumption can be good for your heart

Is love real?

Yikes. It’s coming up to that time of the year. Love it for the idea at the heart of it (ba..doom..tish!) or hate it for the pervasive commercial madness surrounding it, it’s on its way and it’s not planning on being coy about it.

Fake news is bad for your health

Ill informed patients make poor health decisions

Secrets of pharma advertising

If the goal of branding is to be different, why do so many pharma brand ads look the same?

Patients as Partners: The Future of Clinical Trial Design?

The latest jargon to appear in almost all clinical trials communications is “patient-centric” – but what does it actually mean and how do we achieve it?

Snowflake advertising in a burnt-out world

How do you appeal to people who are too tired to care?

Why eating people is wrong (and other medical discoveries)

The medical role of rollercoasters, cannibalism, stamp collecting and spit & polish were all celebrated in the 2018 Ig Nobel Awards

Lifting the taboo on poo

It's time to lift the lid on the toilet, and put poo front of mind

Who is attending this meeting?

When you give a presentation, is your audience focusing on you, your slides, or their smartphones?