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Children with autism spectrum disorder often have trouble falling and staying asleep. Many factors contribute to this, such as sensory sensitivities, higher levels of anxiety and stress, or disrupted circadian rhythms. This lack of sleep can have profound effects on these children’s daytime behaviour (hyperactivity/inattention), as well as on the overall family dynamic. In contrast, a good night's sleep can have a transformative impact on their overall well-being and open up a world of possibilities for them.

Slenyto is a prolonged-release melatonin mini tablet which has shown to improve the daytime behaviour and overall health of children with autism spectrum disorder, with or without ADHD, by helping them sleep through the night.

In The Sleep Thief Campaign we depict the sleep thief giant keeping our child up at night and how a poor night’s sleep can affect not only the child’s daytime behaviour but also their family dynamic.