Clinical trials help take scientific discoveries in the lab to patients. However, one of the biggest challenges faced by clinical trials today is the recruitment and retention of patients.

Life offer insightful creative solutions that engage patients at every step of their clinical trial journey – from recruitment and screening to their final study visit and beyond. We also develop materials to support sites and Investigators – using innovative ideas to facilitate their communication with patients.

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Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL)

A fresh look at DLBCL treatment

Life was entrusted to help promote the recruitment of 80 adults across 7 countries whose DLBCL was relapsed or refractory after multiple lines of chemotherapy. Due to the inclusion criteria, the number of patients eligible for the study was small, making recruitment particularly challenging.

The Sponsor wanted a simple yet powerful design that used colours and shapes to create dimension and interest. We delivered a range of options utilising the purple colour typically seen when viewing white blood cells under a microscope. This was combined with multiple imagery options from abstract clouds to geometrical shapes.

These designs were used across materials focused on helping sites initiate referrals from oncology specialists of their patients, and also to support patients through each study visit.

These materials have been well received by the client, centres and patients and recruitment is progressing well.


Respiratory Syncytial Virus

A future free from Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Life was briefed to aid the recruitment of up to 30 children currently receiving hospital treatment for RSV – the leading cause of hospitalisation due to respiratory infection in infants.

Due to the niche patient pool, Life needed to create a striking and targeted campaign aimed at the parents of the affected children. The objective of the materials was to promote positivity and hope for a potential solution whilst using an empathetic tone throughout.

This led to the development of materials and tactics to encourage participation from parents, and aid the site with referrals and obtaining informed consent. As a gesture of thanks for continued participation, study branded teddy bears were also supplied to the families.

Being a global study provided additional logistical challenges with the distribution of retention items, due to local legal requirements. Despite this, all materials arrived smoothly at sites and recruitment closed on schedule with the targeted number of patients.



Are migraine treatments letting you down?

Life was briefed to support the recruitment of over 800 patients into a study designed to test the efficacy of a new treatment for migraine, one of the most prevalent conditions across the globe.

With such a high recruitment target, the Sponsor was keen to be creative both with the study branding and collateral materials – leading to the development of abstract and unique solutions.

Both print and digital media tactics were used, covering all areas of the study from education of medical professionals to advertising the study to potential patients. One of the innovative ideas created for this study was a video brochure for patients, which was highly sought after by all centres.

As a result of the effective recruitment and referral campaign, this study was able to close recruitment three months ahead of schedule.


Parkinson’s Disease

Is there a better way to switch your brain to an “ON” state in Parkinson’s Disease?

Life was challenged with producing materials to support the recruitment of 100 patients currently taking levodopa medication for their Parkinson’s disease. These patients also suffer “OFF” state symptoms, even when taking their regular medication.

Using the common Parkinson’s disease description of the brain being in an “ON” state or an “OFF” state, the concept of the circuit board design was created. This also resonated with the complexity and electrical nature of the brain.

With patient centricity in mind, the Sponsor wanted to focus on materials to ease the patient’s experience with the clinical study. This led to the development of a concise flowchart, poster and other visit materials for patients and their caregivers. Site support materials to aid with recruitment and screening were also produced.

Utilising the powerful patient and site support tactics provided, recruitment is currently running to schedule.

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